NC Literary Map

The North Carolina Literary Map serves as a living, searchable website of the state’s authors, books, bookstores, NC Literary Map created Literary Tours, Literary Magazines, Resources and Education, and generally anything and everything North Carolina Literary! It is encouraged that users reach out to the map with suggested changes and edits to keep the map as updated as possible! You can contact the Literary Map team by e-mailing

The mission of the North Carolina Literary Map is to highlight the literary heritage of the state by connecting the lives and creative work of authors to real (and imaginary) geographic locations. Through the development of a searchable and browseable data-driven online map, users are able to access a database, learning tools, and cultural resources, to deepen their understanding of specific authors as well as the cultural space that shaped these literary works.

The NC Literary Map promotes it’s work through various social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and very soon to be YouTube. Additionally, there is an North Carolina Literary Map blog and a North Carolina Literary Map Education blog specifically for NC educators.