Tony McCloud

The Comic Corner

In case you missed the reference, it’s Wolverine with the all the young mutants that see him as a father figure in the comics. The nod to the Powerpuff Girls is brilliant.

Graphic Novels, or “comic books” have roared back into the lives of readers and non readers alike. I think we can all give thanks to the incomparable popularity of superhero movies, the addition of Anime to all of the big time streaming services, and the proliferation of “Cons” or “Comic Book Conventions in every major city across the globe. I’m not the expert on everything “Comic” , but I want to make a place where “Experts” and just fans may come, hang out and nerd out super hard over their favorite artists, writers, and storylines.

Things I know a little bit about

  • DC
  • Marvel Comics
  • Studio Gibly Movies
  • Funimation Anime
  • Netflix Original Anime
  • Toonami
  • Neil Gaiman Graphic Novels
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • CrunchyRoll Anime
  • * I may know more but at this time my brain cells are on a hiatus and Senzu beans aren’t real so a Redbull will have to do.
I realize I didn’t name Disney, but y’all heard what Cuzco said