Amanda Thompson

Hello! My name is Amanda Thompson, and I’m an intern for BSLISE. I manage their social media accounts, update their webpage, and create new initiatives. Currently, I am working on a Podcast proposal, and an international LIS student feature. What is LIS education like in Russia? Peru? India? England? That is what the Student Spotlight hopes to achieve, and provide insights regarding the nature of LIS education globally. Do students feel prepared after their education? Should LIS education have standardized requirements internationally? All important questions to consider!

For BSLISE, I updated their website. This included aesthetic revamping, and updating profiles for the workgroup. I also maintained their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with successful increases in engagement.

I’m graduating with my MLIS in Summer 2020. Along with my MLIS, I also have an MA in English Literature. Currently, I work full-time as a paraprofessional in public libraries. I began in 2016, promoted twice, and have not looked back! While I love public libraries, I would really like to experience academic libraries someday as well.